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Antalya / Turkey

Antalya, which has hosted many different civilizations for centuries, is a true treasure… How about discovering this treasure by browsing our list of historical places in Antalya… ". About the history of Antalya; The oldest ruins found in the Karain Cave, which is 2 km inland of Antalya, show that life in Antalya dates back to the Paleolithic period. Although Antalya is not as old as other cities that cover the Mediterranean strip, it is considered to be one of the oldest settlements. Antalya's first century BC II. It is known to have been founded by Attalus. When the city was first founded, it was named Attaleia, after the name of its founder. When the Kingdom of Pergamon passed to Rome, the region became a Roman city. When Emperor Hadrian conquered here in AD 130, a triumphal arch was also built in the region. Later, the city was first captured by the Byzantines, and then conquered by the Seljuk Turks in 1207. It started to be known as "Antalya" after the city. The city was then captured by the Mongols and then by the Ottomans in 1391. The city, which was captured by Italians after World War I in 1918, was captured by the Turks under the leadership of Atatürk in 1921. Antalya sightseeing advice; You will have the opportunity to visit many important ancient cities that must be seen in Antalya. Since it takes a lot of time to visit ancient cities properly, we recommend that you plan a holiday as long as possible while planning a trip to Antalya.

Ancient Cities

Temple of Apollo in Side

The temple, built in 150 AD, was named after Apollo, who is known as the god of light and beauty. Dedicated to the name of Apollo, who was accepted as the goddess of the city in the past, the work is one of the structures that managed to survive in Side, Antalya and it is one of the places that must be included in the list of historical places.

Why should I go?

The Temple of Apollo, whose historical ruins are worth seeing, is visited by many local and foreign tourists throughout the year and is one of the most important items in the list of historical places in Manavgat. We recommend you to see this building belonging to the Roman period and to examine this temple, which is one of the most magnificent works of the period

Aspendos theatre

1800-year history of the ancient city of Aspendos, one of Turkey's most important historical sites and also is one of the best preserved ancient theater. The theater, which fascinates people with its story, is one of the best examples of ancient architecture.

Why should I go? The open air theater built by architect Zeno is still used for concerts and events. Thanks to its sound and acoustic distribution, the building attracts many local and foreign tourists. The Aspendos Theater, which has been the subject of many articles and articles, is one of the wonderful buildings that fascinate with its beauty. It is known as Belkıs among the people.

Perge Ancient City

Perge Ancient City, which is connected to the Aksu district of Antalya, is a well-preserved historical building that has survived to the present day. The city was founded in 1200 BC. The city, which was used during the Hittite Empire, later became an important settlement area used by the Romans and Byzantines.

There is a theater, Hellenistic gate, bath, stadium and colonnaded street in the city. Most of these structures have survived until today, but some structures have been damaged due to natural disasters and external factors.

Why should I go? The ruins that have survived until today allow visitors to see the traces of the past in Belek closely. Its impressive theater with 15,000 people also makes it one of the historical spots to see.

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