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Why should dental implants be preferred?

When you have to decide on the treatment option, you will usually find two alternatives: you will have to choose either the traditional alternative (eg full prosthesis) or the implantological treatment.

The negative factor in bridge construction is the cutting of neighboring or bearing teeth. In the prosthesis option; There may be consequences such as covering most of the soft gums with prosthetic material and later melting of the jawbone and a decrease in the retention of the prosthesis.

Today, implants offer both more aesthetic and more functional alternatives.

Advantages of dental implants at a glance:

Healthy teeth do not need to be cut.

Crowns, bridges or prostheses are fixed to the jaw.

Chewing function and aesthetics are recreated.

premature bone resorption is prevented.

Prosthesis possibilities are expanded,

Speaking, eating and tasting sensations like natural teeth

You increase the quality of life for many years.

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